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Corinthos Family Fan Fiction
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Lila Adella Corinthos

Youngest Daughter

When Sonny Corinthos was on the run from trying to kill Lorenzo Alcazar, he took Sam hostage and forced her to drive away from the crime scene. Ultimately Sonny let Sam go, but they did make an immediate connection bonding while trapped in the car.

Sam, who had broken up with Jax, ran into Sonny, who was angry thinking his wife, Carly Corinthos, was cheating on him, ended up sleeping together. Although their relationship started out as purely physical, both Sam and Sonny could not help their growing feelings for each other. And although Sam did make love to Jax during the Port Charles Hotel fire, she was falling in love with Sonny. Sam found out she was pregnant soon after. A paternity test proved Sonny to be the father. She (Sam) initially planned to abort the baby, but Sonny's best friend, Jason Morgan convinced her not to abort or leave town and offered to raise the baby as his own

When Sonny's other daughter Kristina Davis was ill and needed a bone marrow transplant, Alexis Davis, Kristina's mother, asked Sam to induce labor a week early for the purpose of harvesting stem cells to save Kristina's life. Sam refused.

Although initially believed by Sonny and Jason to be stress-induced from Alexis' yelling at Sam,  While Sam was recovering, Sonny Corinthos authorized the harvesting of the baby stem cells at the request of Alexis and Kristina's conditon turned around. .

Both Lila nad Sam recovered

                                               COustdy Battle