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Corinthos Family Fan Fiction
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Kristina Adella Corinthos-Davis

Eldest Daughter

Kristina is Sonny's child with Alexis Davis. She was born in November 2002. Sonny was never told by Alexis that he had a daughter. Alexis vowed to never tell Sonny was the father, because she felt his life is too dangerous. 

Kristina was born premature and was in the hospital for many months of her early life. Alexis insisted on raising Kristina alone, not even wanting Ned to help her. But after Ned threatened to tell Sonny the truth, Alexis allowed him to help "raise" Kristina. 

Alexis faked a personality disorder in order to get away with murdering Luis Alcazar, who murdered her sister. The judge found Alexis not guilty of murder by reason of temporary insanity but Alexis got Kristina taken away from her. Ned got full custody of Kristina until Alexis was able to demonstrate improvement in her mental state. Alexis was barred from seeing Kristina for six months. Alexis got a job at the Quartermaine's as Dobson, a butler, to be near her daughter. 

Alexis finally regained custody of her daughter in the fall of 2003. However, she still refused to tell Sonny that he was Kristina's daughter. Kristina was diagnosed with leukemia in October 2004. Finally, when Kristina was on the brink of death, Sonny was told he was her father. When Sonny's baby with Sam is stillborn, he donated her stem cells to help Kristina. The procedure works and Sonny saves Kristina's life.

Sonny was already smitten with his daughter and one of the first things he did was get her baptized. He also started spending some time with her. Sonny and Alexis have agreed to shared custody of Kristina. Sonny can visit her anytime he wants. He frequently takes Kristina out for ice cream.  


Daddy's Little Girl

Sonny missed Kristina's early years, but he has developed a very special relationship with his daughter. Sonny's special treat is to take Kristina out for some ice cream. He visits her often and has her come and play with Michael and Morgan.