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Corinthos Family Fan Fiction
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Michael Corinthos III

Eldest Corinthos Child

Michael has a special place in the hearts of both Sonny and Mike. When he was baptized in the church, Jason asked Mike to be his godfather. Jason also gave him the name of Michael, named after his best friend Sonny. 

Michael is the son of Carly and A.J. Quartermaine. Carly had some complications during his delivery. Michael was born with a damaged heart and was in an incubator the first few weeks of his life. At the beginning, Carly had a hard time bonding with her son, but with the help of her mother Bobbie, she was able to hold her baby. Eventually, Carly became a very loving and devoted mother.

Sonny has been a part of Michael's life ever since he returned to Port Charles. Michael probably feels the most comfortable living at the Penthouse. He lived there when Jason was taking care of him and has always had his own room there. 

When Carly became pregnant with Sonny's child, she was still married to A.J. and living at the Quartemaine mansion. Sonny wanted his raise his own child, but Carly told him she wasn't going anywhere without Michael. Sonny made the arrangements and brought Carly and Michael back to the Penthouse to live with him.

Sonny has always had a very tender and loving relationship with his stepson. He cares about him very deeply and wants to make sure he grows up without the pain and violence that he knew in his own childhood. In many ways, Sonny is overprotective. Sonny has officially adopted Michael as his son. 

Michael has been through a lot in his young life. He was very upset by his parents divorce. He has become a great big brother to his brother Morgan and sister Kristina. When AJ kidnapped Michael, he tried his best to cope with the ordeal. He protected his siblings and was able to contact Sonny briefly. Upon his return, traumatized and in shock, Michael is slowly recovering from his brainwashing. He continues to turn to Sonny for help.

Other information about Michael.

*Tony kidnapped Michael when he was an infant.  

*One of Sonny's rules is that he and Carly never fight in front of Michael.

*Michael loves boats and jets.

*Michael will inherit all of Jason's shares of Corinthos-Morgan Imports.

*Michael loves going to the beach to collect sea shells.

*Mike Corbin and Emily Quartermaine are Michael's godparents.

*Michael's birthday is December 29, 1997.

*Michael collects baseball cards and likes the NY Yankees.

Sonny with
his namesake.
Michael's birthday
party.Riding a bike.
At the Park
Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart
Michael adores Sonny.