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Corinthos Family Fan Fiction
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Corinthos Family

Sonny Corinthos


Sonny's First Child: Lily Corinthos was pregnant with Sonny's child when she was killed in a car bomb. Sonny was devastated by his wife and unborn child's untimely deaths. Sonny will occasionally mention his first child and has even had several dreams about his first baby. He believes that Lily is taking care of his baby in heaven. The picture on the left is from Sonny's dream, where he sees Lily taking care of his first two unborn children.



Sonny's Second Child: Carly became pregnant with Sonny's second child. Sonny married Carly in the hopes of providing loving parents for the baby. He was very excited, as he was able to feel hope again about becoming a father. Unfortunately, fate would intervene again, as Carly had a miscarriage, and Sonny would never see his child born.



Michael Corinthos: Michael has been a part of Sonny's life since he was a young child. Sonny is a very doting father and is gentle, understanding, and patient with his son. Sonny wants Michael to have the childhood that he never had himself: loving parents and to never be afraid of his father. Sonny has told Michael to come to him whenever he has a problem. Sonny has a very special bond with Michael and loves him very much. 

Michael was born on December 29, 1997


Kristina Davis Corinthos: Sonny didn't know that Kristina was his daughter for the first two years of her life. Kristina's mother, Alexis Davis, believes that Sonny's world is too dangerous and she had vowed to never tell him about his daughter. However, when Kristina became ill and needed medical attention, Alexis was forced to tell Sonny the truth. Sonny adores Kristina and has shared custody of his daughter. 

Kristina was born on November 19, 2002.


Morgan Stone Corinthos: When Carly become pregnant, at first Sonny didn't want to try and have another child. He felt that fate was not on his side and that he would never see a child of his be born. However, he became hopeful once again and was soon doting on Carly, making sure she slept, ate, and took her vitamins. Carly was sure the baby was a boy. 

Morgan was born on October 24, 2003.



Lila Adella Corinthos: Sonny and Sam McCall had a brief, passionate relationship. Even though they eventually broke off their affair, Sam found out she was pregnant with Sonny's child. Sonny has vowed to always take care of his child.


Born November 8th 2004

Sonny Corinthos
        M.Lily (divorced)
            C. Miscaridge
         M. Carly Corinthos (DIvorced)
               C. Michael COrinthos III (adopted)
                C. Micarridge
           M.Carly COrinthos (Divorced)
            A. Alexis Davis
                 C.Kristina Corinthos-Davis
            M. Carly Corinthos (divorced)
                  C. Morgan Corinthos
            A. Samantha McCall
                  C. Lila Adella Corinthos
             M. Carly COrinthos (Divorced)
                      C. Courtney Corinthos